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1-3 June 2021, Aichi, Japan

What is the THE Asia Universities Summit?

Times Higher Education’s first summit in Japan will take place at Fujita Health University in Nagoya, the industrial heartland of the nation and one of the world’s great urban and commercial hubs.

Fujita – one of Japan’s leading medical universities, renowned for its expertise in rehabilitative and neuropsychiatric medicine – was established almost 60 years ago to spark creative approaches to medical education. The Asia Universities Summit 2020 will discover how this spirit of innovation continues today in research, education and collaborations with industry, and how it has been strengthened by scholars and students increasingly crossing national and disciplinary boundaries, as well as building links between industry and academia.




The most extraordinary concentration of wisdom, expertise and top contacts in higher education today.

Jesús Seade
Associate vice-president for global affairs
Chinese University of Hong Kong


Such partnerships have given us the opportunity to broaden our knowledge of the importance of scientific research, and how to best manage it.

Omer Inja
Vice-president of administrative affairs
University of Kirkuk


A unique and wonderful experience for the formation of relationships and for the knowledge of modern technologies. THE also achieved just and impartial results in the selection of award winners.

Manal Mohamed Almarzooqi
Instructor of arabic language
New York University Abu Dhabi

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